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Prison Focus Mail Box #19 Covid report from California State Prison - Los Angeles County (CSP-LAC) September 17, 2020 Read by California Prison Focus volunteer, Max Friedman You can listen to the complete song, Abolish it, and more from Min King X aka Pyeface on itunes.

Prison Focus Mail Box #18 Ken reports on conditions at Ironwood State Prison, including the staffs' utter disregard for peoples' health, safety or wellbeing. August 23, 2020

Prison Focus Mail Box #17 Declaration: My Life is in Danger. The threat of Covid-19 looms large inside inside California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations' California Medical Facility.

Prison Focus Mail Box #16 SATF COR, Covid-19 live prison report,, September 26, 2020. Special guest phone call from long-time CPF friend and ally, and personal friend of Min. King X, Michael "Zah" Dorrough. Zah gives a live update on Covid-19 at SVSP.

Prison Focus Mail Box #15 They Still Use 1030s to Jam the Door An update from RJ Donovan State Prison, August 23, 2020. Like Cointelpro, CA Dept of Corrections and so-called Rehabilitation uses the Divide and Conquer strategy to make sure their prisons never sit empty, and some people will never go home. To learn more about 1030s (Confidential Information Disclosure Forms) and the harm being done through the use of unreliable information by California officials, watch "They Still Use 1030s To Jam the Door" on the KAGE Universal Youtube channel, or read "The History of Debriefing" by Louis Powell, in Prison Focus Issue 35. (

Prison Focus Mail Box #14. January 21, 2020. Literacy was deemed a threat by slave owners and still is. CPF correspondent, Martin, describes the mind numbing content of prison tv programming, and the overall lack of educational opportunities at CA Correctional Institute. . "Literacy played an important part in helping Frederick Douglass achieve his freedom. Learning to read and write enlightened his mind to the injustice of slavery; it kindled in his heart longings for liberty... Douglass was motivated to learn how to read by hearing his 'master' condemn the education of slaves. He heard him declare that an education would "spoil” him and “forever unfit him to be a slave”. He believed that the ability to read makes a slave “unmanageable” and “discontented”. Douglass discovered that the white man’s power to enslave the black man was in his literacy and education." [From an essay titled "Frederick Douglass: Escaping Slavery through Literacy" published by Bartleby Research ( Produced by CPF Co-Director and Prison Focus editor, Kim Pollak. Read by CPF artivist and volunteer Cathy Cockrell Music by CPF Co-Director Minister of culture and arts, Min. King X aka General Pyeface. (Look for "Abolish It" on itunes)

Covid report from California State Prison - Los Angeles County (CSP-LAC). September 17, 2020.

Prison Focus Mailbox #13 July 2020. CPF Correspondent describes conditions at CMC State Prison. He is 59 years old and has health conditions making him at high risk for "execution by Covid-19". See to learn more about what's going on behind the walls of California prisons and how you can make a difference. Support California Prison Focus at To hear the entire sone, Abolish It, and others, look for Min. King X aka General Pyeface on itunes. This program is produced by the editor of Prison Focus newspaper, Kim Pollak. Letter read by Dieter.

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