Covid-19 Resources

The Covid Information Project: Information Hub to provide resources and information for prisoners and their family members and loved ones on the outside.  Visit:

Covid-19 Know Your Rights During Covid-19  (National Lawyers Guild)

Prisoner Support Guide For The Coronavirus Crisis (Beyond Prisons)

Prison Focus Issue 60 includes the following resources, (excluding the slides). Receive Prison Focus newspaper or send one to somebody behind the walls by clicking here

​PAN COVID-19 Guide Introduction

PAN Guide to Administrative Appeals For COVID-19 (Short Version) (Updated 4/20/20)

PAN Guide to Administrative Appeals For COVID-19 (Long Version) (Updated 4/20/20)

How To Draft Declarations to Support Requests Related to COVID-19 (Updated 4/20/20)

Slides From Webinar - Getting People Out Of Prison: How to Support People in CDCR In Asking For Release Due to COVID-19  (Updated 4/11/20)

Slides From Video - Making Individual Requests for Release From CDCR Due to COVID-19 (Updated 4/18/20)

Slides From Video - How & Why to Request CDCR and Medical Records to Ask For Release From CDCR Due to COVID-19  (Updated 4/19/20)