Who We Are   

California Prison Focus is a grassroots organization that works to abolish the California prison system in its present condition, with a focus on ending long-term solitary confinement.  We are committed to honoring the voices and strategies of prisoners and join their efforts to foster solidarity and empowerment. We believe in public education and direct action to achieve these goals.

What We Do

California Prison Focus monitors abuses and conditions inside California prisons, with a focus on the use and conditions of solitary confinement. Our California prison reports are based on written correspondence with California prisoners and prison visits. We disseminate our prison reports to the general public, to policy makers, media, allied organizations and activists, and to prisoners nationwide.


California Prison Focus quarterly newspaper, Prison Focus - free to people in solitary confinement - informs, educates and empowers it’s readers. The paper provides a platform for normally unheard voices, and a bridge fostering understanding and dialogue between people inside and outside prison walls.


California Prison Focus works to amplify prisoners’ voices and shift harmful social narratives by disseminating  their reports, letters and poetry, through Prison Focus, our Prison Focus radio program, our Get Out the Unheard Voices campaign and Liberate the Caged Voices project  and social media. CPF receives and responds to nearly 2000 prisoner letters a year. CPF also offers a platform for the voices to our formerly imprisoned community members through the CPF Speakers Bureau, and by inviting them to speak at CPF’s Liberate the Caged Voices events, and on our radio program. Our direct communication and the relationships we build with our currently and formerly imprisoned allies is critical to the work we do.


Note: The Prison Focus Radio Program is on KPOO 89.5 FM, Thursdays at 11 A.M.  Program archives can be heard by clicking on the Unheard Voices tab, or clicking here.


Our History


Special Thanks 

We'd like to give special thanks to all of our individual donors, as well as the Resist Foundation for their generous support over the years.