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Nube reads a variety of letters, Dennis Hopper from HDSP, Steven McCain on Open Prison Initiative; shake it up a bit with Khafre Jay of Hip Hop for Change; poetry from Rashad El; wisdom from Elder Hunger Striker Baridi Williamson.

November 18, 2021 We spend the hour with Chris Johnson of The New Hope Initiative. Chris is currently caged at Alexander CI in North Carolina serving a 16-20 year sentence for 1st degree murder. This inside outside project will unveil it's launch Saturday, Nov. 20, 5pm EST, virtually. Go to:, for details.

November 11, 2021 We spend the whole hour in conversation with Hatari Olugbala, home after 32 years in Pelican Bay State Prison and others, speaking on his Warriors Healing Program addressing historic and systemic trauma to Black people.

November 4, 2021 We spend the whole hour in tribute to beloved Black Liberation freedom fighter, Assata Shakur.

October 28, 2021 This is the week of the Tribunal taking place Oct. 22-25. We hear witness testimony from former political prisoner Seku Odinga; witness testimony from former youth prisoner Saleem Holbrook, Executive Director of Abolitionist Law Center; we learn that political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz has been given compassionate release after 49 years!; political prisoner David Gilbert has been given parole after 40+ years!; Nube reads the Iternational Jurors' Executive Summary of the verdict- GUILTY on all five counts! And acts of GENOCIDE have indeed been committed by the US government and it's agencies!

October 21, 2021 We continue with the youth voices regarding the International Tribunal 2021 WE CHARGE GENOCIDE; Mel Charles of @agapemvmt on Franz Fanon's quote "Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it." Kevin Steele of Bring Mumia Home and Root & Branch Collective on next steps; Nube reads "The Tribunal" by Jihad Abdul Mumit Chair of National Jericho Movement, "In the Spirit of Mandela Tribunal is a stepping stone toward New Afrikan independence" by Abbas Muntaqim and a statement by Joka Heshima Jinsai on genocide submitted into the 90+ page indictment for the international jurors.

October 7, 2021 We spend the rest if the month focusing on the upcoming International Tribunal 2021 We Charge Genocide. This week we'll hear excerpts from the first webinar which gives some background and back drop to the reasons for the tribunal. We also hear from our friend Zah, who despite suffering the genocidal sentence of LWOP continues to assert his humanity thereby uplifting ours.

September 30, 2021 We hear from Taran Helms, a prisoner in Ohio, speak on writing, publishing, making his own way and being a 5%er; we also hear from Michi Dixon, out of CSATF, talking about the power of (Black) men being vulnerable. Nube reads and letter from Vincent A. Callender out of CSATF, about the insensitivity of not allowing prisoners to donate organs while alive- so he starts his own organization. Vincent A Callender, F27511, CSATF E-3-138, P.O.Box 5242, Corcoran CA 93212

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