Issue 60

I went from being good, stable, & progress to moving backwards & no progress. A lot of dudes here are millennials & don’t know anything & do not care b-cuz most are going home soon. They don’t know how to use the Inmate appeal process, so prison officials have been walking all over them. They fear reprisals. As a matter of fact recently the facility has put two yards on lockdown-status illegally for 21 days because an officer who’s in control of opening doors, opened a cell door housing two inmates … another was alone & trying enter his own cell & they attacked him. They do things like this to purposely put this prison on lockdown. In all my years I’ve never seen ½ of the B.S. that goes on. As bad as it sounds I was way better off at Pelican Bay State Prison… My family can’t even come to see me & every time they make an appointment we go on some sort of lockdown. I’m hoping they get it together soon, which I doubt they will!! It makes no sense at all for us who have be given a chance at a “behavioral override” to be here, it’s a set up! All I can do is keep my head down long enough to try for another transfer. Sheesh! I got punished for being good! Sent to the Twilight Zone…

Love & Respect,

Last of a Dying Breed, Pleasant Valley State Prison

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