Expressions of Brutality

Martin, California State Prison

Issue 60

Why then, the misguided, misplaced hatred to wanting to hurt us, makes us monsters, and in some cases even kill us. Many, many, of them are even worse than us. Because, they hurt peoples, then cover it up. They sit laugh, wait for the General Attorney to defend them with the qualified immunity.

The courts of course, the defenders of democracy - will - justify in a vague language the most outrageous expressions of brutality, bestiality, and cruelty. What many people (free) don’t realize is that these abuses are a form to keep them in check. The message is: “If you don’t behave you can end up like Hugo Pinnel, or spending the rest of your life behind bars.”

They allow and condone street-executions of unarmed elderly, young, and pretty much anyone who question the abuse.

On the T.V. programming issue, I bought my first prison TV in 1996. In less than 30 days, I knew that, I could not depend on it to stay sane.

However, that is not so with most of the rest of inmate population. And that is the problem, because ½ of CDCR’s slaves hate and wants to kill the other ½. Another huge part do not want to read, write or create art. Best example, an elderly brother with 40 years of his life inside CDCr’s gulags.

He was afraid to take a copy of my San Francisco Bay View newspaper to his cell. Because they (The C.O's) will mess with him. He is not seeing the big picture: They already messed with him, by taking the best years of his life. How much worse can it truly get?

Thank you for your advice on keeping up with my studies of history and Revolutionary literature.

Take care!


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