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Hunger Striking for True Freedom

Tour and Caravan to over 295 detention facilities in California.

Shining light on California’s Prison Industrial Complex 

and inspiring meaningful discourse nationwide. 

A program of California Prison Focus and KAGE Universal

Help us complete our model SHU cell and compensate formerly incarcerated speakers and artists 


Join our caravan on DAY 1 when we come through your neighborhood, or for the day!

Use our mobile platform to make your voices heard! 

Visiting 15 local detention facilities with over 15000 holding capacity. 

See interactive map, route and schedule below 

* Black August is an annual commemoration and prison-based holiday to remember Black freedom fighters and political prisoners and to highlight Black resistance against racial oppression. Read more here: KAGE Universal: BA21 Extended Program

Join us on August 1st when our musical caravan and mobile protest comes through your neighborhood, or for the day!

   Interactive MAP  Day 1 ROUTE and INSTRUCTIONS

Visiting 15 detention facilities with over 15000 holding capacity. 

 California Prison Focus/KAGE Office  leave 8:30 am

Glen Dyer Detention Facility  9:30 am

West County Detention Facility (W.C.D.F.) - Former ICE Facility 10 am (theme: Immigration and The power of protest)

San Quentin State Prison  10:30 am (Press invited)

Marin County Jail 11 am

Marin County Juvenile Hall  11:30 am

Beauty Relief Break - Marin Headlands (If time permits)

San Francisco County Jail   12:30 PM (lunch/snacks - will aim to have pizza for 20 people) (Press invited)

Daly City Jail 1:30

San Bruno Jail  2:00 pm

Hillcrest Juvenile Center 2:30 pm

San Mateo Women’s Correctional Center 3:00 pm

Maguire Correctional Facility 3:30 pm

Santa Clara Jail (4 PM)

Santa Rita Jail (5 pm) (Press invited)

Federal Correctional Institution Dublin Camp


Other activities will be taking place around the state. See the below dates and info:

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Schedule of other protests and gatherings

Sunday August 1          Tour around the S.F. Bay

Wednesday August 4    Pelican Bay State Prison, Crescent City, 3 PM

Saturday August 7       Marin County Courthouse, San Rafael:      12 - 4 PM

Sunday August 15        RJD, San Diego

Friday August 20         Solitary Man (Location TBA)

Saturday August 21     San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin.   3 PM

Plus over 20 pop ups and open community dialogues along along the way! [Follow us on social media August 1 - 21st, for updates]

Caravan route:

State-wide Tour and Caravan Map of facilities

Route and directions

** Other people are welcome to join our caravan, however, California Prison Focus is not responsible for travel or lodging arrangements. If you join us, please come prepared!        

Solitary Man: Theatrical Production August 20thth. Time and location TBA.



Check out this Hard Rock Radio Archive episode. They talk to Jessica Ann Mitchell “JAM” Aiwuyor about American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) movement and its disruption of Black Unity. Later Poor News Network examines America’s war on the poor. Listen here.


[Clich here for a "How-To" video for calling a prison on behalf of somebody inside.]