How To Volunteer

CPF is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization. We need help with responding to and processing letters from our incarcerated correspondents; getting out their unheard voices, exposing reported conditions and abuses, providing people with up-to-date information and self-advocacy materials, as well as promoting and/or participating in CPF’s Liberate The Caged Voices events. We need help with fostering community awareness and dialogue, raising money, transcribing prison letters, doing research and with many other tasks and projects, both in and outside of the CPF office. CPF will help you learn about prison activism as you work, so jump in and get involved now!

How to get started:

Monthly Activist Meetings

CPF Activist Meetings are generally the last Tuesday of the month at 6:30PM at the CPF office. Confirm the date and time in advance by looking at the CPF events calendar, and double check the day of. We generally share snacks while discussing organizational news, projects, needs and strategies. Our monthly meetings provide an opportunity to make group decisions, and most importantly, to nurture and maintain strong group cohesion. Anybody is welcome to join the monthly CPF Activist Meeting to get a sense of the work we do here at California Prison Focus.