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Prison Focus Mailbox #6 Severed Family Ties and Parole Denials, August 1, 2020

Prison Focus Mailbox #5 Set Up for Failure by Dept of Corruption and Retaliation. July 2020, A set-up by correction officers may lead to a parole denial to David. During a pandemic, a parole denial could be a death sentence.

Prison Focus Mailbox #4 Prison slavery at California Institute of Women during a pandemic: July 27, 2020, report of blatant staff negligence at Avenal State Prison during times of covid. And a good question: "What's so essential about that P.I.A. (Prison Industry Authority) furniture factory anyway?... other than the fact that it generates millions of dollars?"

Prison Focus Mailbox #3 Fred reports on Covid Behind the Walls @ CSP-LAC: July 16, 2020, Hear the Unvarnished Truth.

Prison Focus Mailbox #2 June 24, 2020. DENIAL of Medical Parole for six elderly prisoners. Excerpt from a letter written to CPF, received from a 76 year old gentleman at California Health Care Facility in .

Prison Focus MailBox #1 Covid 19 at San Quentin State Prison July 19, 2020

Liberate the Caged Voices reading from May 22, 2019 in Oakland, CA

Liberate the Caged Voices reading, May 22, 2019, Oakland, CA Letter to Equality, By Anthony 'Wrinkles' Cain, Published in Prison Focus Issue 55, Spring 2018

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