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Prison Focus Mailbox #11 Staff shortages lead to parole obstructions during pandemic, June 22, 2020 Delayed psych evaluations lead to postponed parole hearings and another obstruction to going home, as California prisons remain over crowded despite over 11,000 confirmed cases of Covid as of September, 2020.

Prison Focus Mailbox #15 An update from RJ Donovan State Prison, August 23, 2020. Like Cointelpro, CA Dept of Corrections and so-called Rehabilitation uses the Divide and Conquer strategy to make sure their prisons never sit empty, and some people will never go home. To learn more about 1030s (Confidential Information Disclosure Forms) and the harm being done through the use of unreliable information by California officials, watch "They Still Use 1030s To Jam the Door" on the KAGE Universal Youtube channel, or read "The History of Debriefing" by Louis Powell, in Prison Focus Issue 35. (

PF Mailbox #10 A bit about Michael_Salinas Valley Prison, August 16, 2020 Michael at Salinas Valley Prison shares shares his story.

Prison Focus Mailbox #9 Why aren't they letting out the elders? July 20, 2020 Read by Watani Stiner.

Prison Focus Mail Box #8 Jose at CSP - Solano, August 16, 2020 A family man with serious health issues trying to return to his children and wife, alive. You can listen to the complete song, Abolish it, and more from Min. King X aka Pyeface on itunes.

Prison Focus Mailbox #7 Covid-19 at CA State Prison-Los Angeles, May 16, 2020

Prison Focus Mailbox #6 Severed Family Ties and Parole Denials, August 1, 2020

Prison Focus Mailbox #5 Set Up for Failure by Dept of Corruption and Retaliation. July 2020, A set-up by correction officers may lead to a parole denial to David. During a pandemic, a parole denial could be a death sentence.

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