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I am the Program Manager for The Homecoming Project, but I believe my purpose at Impact Justice extends far beyond my title. My role includes matching eligible participants to compatible hosts while securing a support network for each arrangement. My lived experiences as a formerly incarcerated women who spent 15 years in prison informs my work and motivates me to inspire others in taking a proactive role in finding solutions to local problems.

I have been an advocate for incarcerated people for more than a decade as a peer health educator, a drug and alcohol counselor, and a spokeswoman for the Drop the Life Without the Possibility of Parole campaign. I served as the Chairperson for the Beyond Incarceration Program - leading an organization of 20 members to become Youth Diversion Specialists while raising funds for a program connecting high school students to prisoners using Skype.

I executed the business plan for CORE (Criminal Offender Reform Establishment) in 2012, developed various self-therapeutic courses, and partnered with community volunteers to help the prison population have more access to rehabilitation programs. I continue to create more curriculum and plans to begin facilitating workshops in the community for families of incarcerated individuals and formerly individuals as well.

When I returned home in 2017, my life was naturally going to be dedicated to my community. I interned at the American Friends Service Committee, served as a Next Generations Fellow through the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ). 

I am a musician, graphic designer, and public speaker. I have also been at the forefront of restorative justice efforts, both inside prison and beyond - openly sharing my experiences and knowledge on local panels with the hope to inspire, motivate, and inform others. I currently study at San Francisco State University and hold two undergraduate degrees in business management and social & behavioral science.

Contact and Other Information:

  • Phone Number:  707-794-2151, 415-827-1852

  • Email: or (work)

  • LinkedIn

  • Home Base: Bay Area, CA

  • Availability: Evenings/Weekends/Scheduled Daytimes

  • Fees: – For Non-CPF events (negotiable)

  • Areas of Focus:

    • Reentry

    • Housing

    • Rehabilitation

    • Entrepreneurship

    • Education

    • LGBTQ

    • Community and Economic Development

    • Arts/Culture (Music)

    • Self-Care/Motivation



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