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March 5, 2020 Nube Brown in conversation with Dee Cruz about CDCr's use of Non-designated programming

February 27, 2020 Conversation with Kelly Ann Savage from California Coalition for Women Prisoners, speaking on Life Without Parole and the DROP LWOP campaign.

February 20, 2020 Ken Oliver of LSPC, speaks on serving 23 years of a life sentence, and 8 years in the torture of solitary confinement because of his active leadership and organizing for prisoner's civil rights. Ken transformed his isolation into the study of constitutional law where he successfully sued CDCr for violating his civil rights, and now dedicates his life to serving others and the fight against injustice and mass incarceration policies.

The powerful February 2020 statement from 4 main representatives of the CA hunger strikes is read on the air by a multicultural, multigenerational and multi-gendered group of activists.

January 16, 2020 Conversation with MOVE 9 family members Debbie Sims Africa, Mike Africa Sr. & Mike Africa Jr.

December 26, 2019 First in a series about the 2013 Hunger Strikes and the Agreement to End Hostilities

December 19, 2019 Conversation with writer Anthony Robinson Jr.

December 12, 2019 Nube reads the work of Sitawa and other members of the historic California Prison Hunger Strikes, plus poetry and music.

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