Uncage California Caravan to detention facilities around the Bay Area. Speakers, Art, Activism and more!

Start time: 8/1/2021 8:00 AM

End time: 8/1/2021 8:00 PM


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See more about the state-wide caravan here

Join us when our musical caravan and mobile protest comes through your neighborhood, or for the day!

   Interactive MAP  Day 1 ROUTE and INSTRUCTIONS

Visiting 15 local detention facilities with over 15000 holding capacity.  

Uncage California mobile protest and caravan around the San Francisco Bay 

1. Leave California Prison Focus Office 8:30 AM

2. Glen Dyer Detention Facility 9AM

3. Berkeley City Jail 9:30AM

4. West County Detention Facility, ICE Facility 10AM

5. San Quentin State Prison 10:30AM

6. Marin County Jail 11AM

7. Marin County Juvenile Hall 11:30AM

8. San Francisco County Jail 12:30PM

9. Daly City Jail 1:30PM

10. San Bruno Jail 2PM

11. Hillcrest Juvenile Center 2:30PM

12. San Mateo Women's Correctional Center 3PM

13. Maguire Correctional Facility 3:30PM

14. Santa Clara Jail 4PM

15. Santa Rita Jail 5PM

16. Federal Correctional Institution, Dublin Camp

17. Alameda Juvenile Hall

END at California Prison Focus/KAGE Office


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