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HOW to Support California Prison Focus and HOW to receive the next 4 issues of Prison Focus Newspaper.

You can make a difference! Support an end to prolonged solitary confinement and other  human rights violations within California prisons. With a donations of $20 or more you will receive 4 issues of our Prison Focus newsletter. If you would like to have the Prison Focus sent to somebody else, please email us their name and address at and let us know you made a donation. 

Family members who wish to order Prison Focus for somebody inside can support CPF with a minimum donation of $8. More is always welcomed! Donor support enables us to print the paper more frequently and send in more free issues to individuals who lack funds.


HOW to Donate to Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition (PHSS)

CPF is the fiscal agent of PHSS. To donate to PHSS, please use the CPF payment methods below. Indicate that the donation is for PHSS, as a memo in your check or money order, or by attaching a message to your pay pal or credit card donation. If you don't see how to do that, you can also send an email to telling us the date and amount of your donation to PHSS. 


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