Prisoner Report on R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility

By J.C.

Prison Focus Issue 52
Summer 2017

I am writing on behalf of everyone being held in Donovan State Prison Ad -Seg. I am not here for disciplinary reasons yet have been held in Ad-Seg since November 2016 because they have no yard to place me on because of informant enemies.

This has to be the oldest place I’ve been to. Run down. They are being funded as ADA Medical yet they are not fixing the problems. This Ad-Seg does not allow T.V.’s because they don’t have outlets. [at other ad-Segs] inmates can get their TVs and those that are Non Discipline can get other items. Not here. They only give us wind-up Radios! They want inmates to go CCCMS or EOP to get what should be allowed for every inmate in the system.

This Ad-Seg isn’t even approved for ADA inmates. They house ADA inmates with breathing problems where they need a machine to plug in the wall. They use a cord in the chase that goes under the door. Water is in the chase. It's very dangerous.

They have a tier full of inmates on suicide watch. At least 5 inmates come in on a daily basis. Last week an inmate hung himself on the B Yard. The question is why? From cell 142 to 150 they have Suicide inmates also that are ADA inmates. No wheelchairs or walkers allowed or canes. They take the inmate’s clothes. Butt naked and give him just some weird looking cover to put on. They just started to give them one blanket. No boxers. Each cell isn’t even a Suicide cell. The cell has lockers, which they aren’t supposed to have or a table or top bunk! So they can’t kill themselves! But these cells are full every day. New guys come in and go out every 5 days. I’ve seen in this short time at least 1,000 different inmates.

They don’t have mirrors in showers, nor do they turn on the lights to see when using the razors or nail clippers. Hair clippers aren’t even cleaned when we use them and we’re allowed to only use them once a month. The plumbing here is bad. Leaking water in all the chases. No exercise bars in cages! No pull up bar! The Legal Law Library is a Joke. The guards are disrespectful to inmates.

The food we’re fed is placed on trays that are old and nasty. In all the other prisons everything had been replaced so the food was delivered hot in small trays with lids. These trays here pile on top of each other where everyone’s food sticks to the bottom of each tray.

We aren’t allowed to wear Thermal tops or bottoms to the Cage Yard. No place have I ever been where you can’t, and where they don’t hand out jackets! Here it rains and it’s cold.

On C Yards, inmates are being allowed to assault other inmates. Beat them down to get them off the yards and leave the 2 or 3 that jumped on one inmate. Staff allows this type of behavior and gives the inmates that get assaulted a write-up. Just so that there will be no victim. This is being allowed on all SNY’s! Craziest thing I ever seen or heard.
Because CDCR wants violence to take to the public and Sacramento so they can start the SHU Programs back. Inmates are getting assaulted by 2 or 3 or even 4 [other inmates] and then all 4 are allowed back to the yards. Coward staff! Put 1030 or 812 on the ones assaulted. There are inmates in Ad-Seg right now for that! And if they fight back they get RVR-115s too! Administration here is no good. Corrupt! That’s not fair to no one!!

It’s all coward stuff that’s being allowed and Prison Focus needs to print-up these issues about SNY Prisons. A lot of these younger inmates lied and ran from other inmates on G.P.s and some have never been on G.P. mainlines and come over here and assault inmates and staff allows it. Someone needs to make it known to all inmates how these cowards are behaving so CDCR will handle this problem. More inmates have gotten killed in the last Years on SNY’s than on G.P. by inmates that ratted out their best friends or gang homies. Yet didn’t face their own music.

And there’s a lot of inmates that can’t program because of these types of incidents. It’s all on SNY’s. They want to belong to groups so they can call themselves a gang. Many inmates have suffered and come out of the SHUs to leave that lifestyle and do a better program, to maybe see some freedom. And they all had rules placed on them as well as inmates that were victims and really got stabbed on mainlines. Now all they have to do is lie and owe someone or disrespect someone and come to SNY’s for protection.

Sit ins come in and sit and go to sleep. COs all do overtime and have a good old time. They just walk away and leave the cell. It’s a scam. They are stealing from the state big time. If only the public could see where the money is being spent. They have cameras that don’t work and are turned off. The lights are always off and dark in the building. If someone needs help in the morning, no one could hear them because the cops play a radio so loud you can’t even hear during chow/shower time. For their enjoyment. There is medical staff/Lt/Sgt/counselor and other staff all see and know of all this and not one cares enough to confront it or take it to the top.

I got a visit from Moms. They never called me to visit at 10:30AM but at 1:30PM after she left. They allowed me time Sunday but my mother is 90 years old with a lot of health problems. There was no chair in the booth. I was chained and so couldn't hold the phone. I couldn’t hear her during the whole (non contact) window visit. The SHU wasn’t even this bad! I can’t stand for too long because of my old injuries. At this time I’m waiting for a walker.  

All this needs to be investigated and something needs to be done. CPF would have a field day here!

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