COVID-19 Survivor Letters


Issue 61


I’m a long-term, experienced low-profile jailhouse lawyer. An elder known as “Timer” in the system. Yes for over 40 years I have been into studying and practicing law... I am a qualified disabled 72 year old, elder prisoner with hearing-impairment condition and wheelchair bound. I’m... a certified legal-assistant law with highest honor recognition given by the courts, who labeled me as “attorney.” I fought in all my own criminal/civil cases in court. I... helped other prisoners in need of legal help, without accepting any money or stamps nor anything…

I’ve litigated and challenged what is clear wrong during the Covid-19 pandemic for the medically frails and challenge the injustice infestations in CDCR. Sometimes there be retaliation taken against me by sadist officers who dislike me advocating. And at the same time, have safeguard protection in place protecting me as long as I follow prison rules and use administrative procedures responsibly. I submitted a CDCR 602 grievance form, asking medically frail elders be released under CDCR policies and provisions in Plata vs. Newsom, and these elders are taking prolonged weakened immune system medications daily and are at high risk of serious illness or death.

I push papers for the elders but not for myself because I'm not terminally ill. But I have a disability and reoccurring inflammatory issues, etc. problems.

I’ve fought many legal battles behind enemy lines but that doesn’t mean the many legal battles I’ve fought for frail elders and other poor prisoners and myself. Still, after some victories and many more defeats, I’m still kept in prison since 1997.

I hope this missive of piece-opinion get your office and into your Prison Focus publication. I’m unable to contribute money or stamps. I have no outside family support. My elders are deceased. I have no inmate pay job to contribute money to continue receiving the CPF newspaper which has definitely kept me strong in my years slammed in this hell-hole misery place. Held under improper debt bondage! Your publication contains messages and wisdom that help us with our needs and keeps us alive!"

Sincerely, in heart and soul, Albert


Ifoma Modiba Kambon

I am a survivor of the terrible disease of COVID-19 at Folsom State Prison. I am a survivor of the terrible negligence and deliberate indifference of individuals responsible for my care... We are viewed by society through the prism of a cage, a number, a dollar sign, or a statistic. We have been ostracized, degraded, and dehumanized, while we dare to demand to be treated like human beings.

Ifoma Modiba Kambon

Ifoma has survived 46 years in prison, 38 of those in solitary confinement. Ifoma, his wife and son advocate tirelessly for his safe return home.

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