Mr. Francisco “Freak” Gonzalez, H82927

Issue 61

California State Prison - Los Angeles County, May 16, 2020

Dearest Prison Focus,

I want to begin by thanking you for your incredible work on the last CPF issue. The issue has been a hit. A lot of the prisoners who read it commented how vital the information was in this issue. Once again, thank you to you and everybody involved in getting that jail house lawyer issue printed.

Well, before I go on, I hope everyone there is staying healthy and safe...

On other news, I recently discovered that the E.O.P. Ad- Seg. has electronic pads and the kiosks to operate them. They are really a$$ backwards around here. Also, there are some other Level IV yards that have the electronic pads and kiosks. Prisoners are coming to this prison with their pads. Even though they are allowed to keep their pads the Administration won’t grant installing the kiosks to operate the pads.

We wrote a group appeal that was answered with a million excuses. The current appeal is still in Sacramento’s Appeals office. I expect more excuses from the 3rd Level Review so we’re probably going to have to rally support from whoever started the pilot programs on other yards. As I mentioned to other prisoners, the E.O.P. yards get the short end of the stick. You know, they always make the claim that the E.O.P. yards are not long-term housing. Yet, I have talked to several prisoners who have a decade in the E.O.P. yard.

Another problem is the Inmate Welfare Fund, which we never see unless we file a complaint about it. They usually expect the Mental Health Department to supply items for the yard that they are obligated to pay for with the Inmate Welfare Fund.

I also have a news flash. The latest regulation hit Prisoners Rights hard. The Group Appeal process, which was my forte has been taken away from us. I usually can organize prisoners to get behind issues that affect all of us. They also changed the request forms that used to hold them accountable for not answering them. They probably spending a pretty penny to go back to the old process. So much for transparency!

I see the protesting is still happening across the country. How do you think the protesting will affect incarceration?

I think of when the public gets  a  good look at the mass incarceration, especially here in California, there is going to be a lot of backpedaling.

You know better than anyone how hard it is to deal with a broken system. The obstinate system only knows how to operate in one way.

I keep hearing these claims of Rehab, but I haven’t seen any real work.


You know, I sometimes read the San Quentin news, which always makes me question their whole happy-go-lucky view of a prison that houses Death Row.

Well, I'm going to close this letter. Take Care and keep Hope Alive.

In Solidarity, Mr. Francisco “Freak” Gonzalez, H82927

No Justice

No Peace

Hasta La Victoria!

Feel free to print my name.

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