Issue 61

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this very concerning letter advocating on the behalf of many disenfranchised, incapable black prisoners at the Correctional Training Facility- Central, who, at 3:00 a.m. on July 20, 2020, suffered extreme brutality at the hands of CDCR prison officials. Approximately 200 black inmates were violently dragged off their bunks, while sleeping, without any warnings or lawful orders, causing severe, exasperated or new injuries to their bodies.

These violent assaults were approved by high ranking officials in CDCR, included but not limited to Director and/or Secretary of CDCR, CTF Warden Craig Koenig, the Office of Correctional Safety, etc. These violent assaults were carried out by prison officials that include but are not limited to CTF-ISU, CTF-Custody Staff, SVSP-ISU, CDCR Special Services Unit-Gang Intel Operations, etc.

After many of the 200 black innates were violently dragged off their bunks, under the guise of gang affiliation, regardless of good behavior and lack of any documented gang affiliation, they were further assaulted by unidentified poison agents dressed in full riot gear. These 200 Black prisoners were individually zip-tied, led away in the dark to the facilities' dining halls, while being barefooted, only wearing what they had fallen asleep in, precluded from grabbing their face masks, crammed into the Dining Halls, and forced to sit shoulder to shoulder from each other.

It has been widely reported that when these prisoners were being escorted to the dining halls, they observed many CTF-Custody Staff and other unknown prison officials without any face coverings, and when they asked prison officials about their lack of face coverings, racial slurs were shouted at them. These prisoners were forced to sit in unsafe conditions, precluded from using the restroom, denied medical attention, and were not told what were the reason(s) for the brutal treatments they were being subjected to.

California prison officials have essentially allowed CTF to be ran like internment camps with the prisoners being subjected to violence and harm by abusive, novice officers, with total disregard foc the prisoners' health and safety. I have assisted many of these prisoners with sub mitting an initial inmate grievance, but I acknowledge more needs to be done. The treatment these prisoners were subjected to would shock the conscious of any civilized society.

In closing, I am asking that an inquiry, investigation, or any other forms of assistance be rendered to those vulnerable prisoners who were actually victims, that were brutalized at the hands of poison officials, acting under the color of law, on 07/20/20, at 3:00 a.m. in the morning.

Yours respectfully,

Anon [redacted for safety purposes]

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