High Desert State Prison Report

Prisoner by the name of "Struggle"

From Prison Focus Issue 48
Fall 2015

I recently arrived at HDSP - level IV -180, after an almost 10 year break. I have found that conditions remain the same as when it first opened in 1996. (It should be noted that prior to my arrival, I "lay over" at Tracy's Ad Seg. where the sink water is undrinkable, and can't be used even to brush one’s teeth. The water comes out greasy, smelly, and with visible brownish particles. God only knows how many months or years thousands of prisoners at Tracy have been forced to use this contaminated water.) Anyway, returning to HDSP, despite a few changes - one can actually see brown, black and Asian peace officers - The oppression, abuse, racism, and bigotry is ongoing.

When one goes to the R&R's window to be issued our property, the drama starts. Property is seized under the most ridiculous excuses, and when one requests a receipt for the confiscated property, the officer gets offended! And literally starts throwing property through the window and parts of it to the trash can. And all of this while talking "garbage" behind a window, with the full knowledge, the at the push of the alarm, he can have a dozen officers beating and kicking a slave that dared to question his authority.

I. There are no steady and constant NA and AA meetings.
II. Vocational buildings remain closed and being used for "something else" since 2003.
III. Law library remains a highly restricted building, as always, there are no walk-ins, even when space is available. Access is only allowed through a ducat system, which is highly unreliable.
IV. The books at the law library which are available to "check out" are mostly fiction. Books with intellectual value, GED, or educational simply do not exist on the library's shelves.
V. Inmates who do not have a Social Security Number are simply excluded from all college programs.
VI. As always the TV programming is mostly "garbage". Channels with an educational goal are restricted; No history, discovery, nature, National Geographic, science etc.. Inmates are encouraged to buy electronic tablets with dozens of children's games. This tablet is also restricted from having any type of educational courses.

Dental and mental attention is provided within five working days of turning in a sick slip.

Fresh air, sunlight and out of the cell movement is still a priceless luxury here at HDSP. (From September 5-9, 2015, I only received two hours. No wonder death row inmates would rather stay there then to come to a level IV - 180s yard).

Available, but intimidation tactics arm ploy, and retaliation is sure to follow against those who dare to question.

Access is highly restricted, due to frequent yard cancellations.

The walls at facility Level IV - 180 are full of holes made by peace officers' rifles. A crude reminder of how much a slave's life is worth. We are sitting ducks, target practice, one more school tattoo on a racist killer's arm. In all of these deaths by gun shot, we are all guilty at the very least by 50%. Why? Because of our failure to unite in the struggle against our common enemy: slavery, ignorance, and poverty. By fighting each other, we actually give the racist peace officers the excuse and legality to murder us. Either we unite and fight at all levels for our freedom, or keep up our wild west behavior. Which is then used at courts and parole board tables to deny parole. And justify perpetual slavery until we all die.

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