Car Caravan to San Quentin

Issue 60

The public must rise in protest to demand justice, and that is what happened in front of San Quentin on May 9th. The Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal brought activists together for a a car caravan/protest, rally and press conference, demanding that Governor Newson immediately release the elderly, sick or immune compromised prisoners, and all those who are close to parole. As we all know, confined spaces like prisons, ICE Detention facilities and jails act as incubators of the deadly COVID-19 virus.–

While earlier this year Newsom declared his opposition to the death penalty, many confined people - some guilty, some not - have been left to die. Some are "guilty" of nothing more than questioning or challenging a corrupt, abusive system that is destroying their communities, creating solidarity amongst prison groups and engaging in peaceful protest, like the 16 men who signed and promote the Agreement to End All Hostilities. Those 16 individuals have systymatically been denied parole since their release from decades-long solitary confinement. On Saturday, we mobilized to say, No. This is not OK. We demands justice, and we can't stop, won't stop, until we have it.

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