Who's Public Safety are We Talking About?


Issue 60

The fact is that I am emotionally/psychologically sicker now than when I arrived here despite the cruel, inhumane, torturous conditions being inflicted upon me here now, my aspiration is to become totally harmless to both myself and all others and through that provide the necessary healing to myself, the victims of my thievery, and the society as a whole. So, although these conditions and their concomitant abuses and mistreatments are so obviously designed and carried out specifically to produce frustration, rage, depression, and a sense of total disconnect from one’s natural humanity, I do hereby absolutely and utterly refuse to succumb to such sordid aims and purposes. I realize that incarceration, due to the above mentioned conditions, has become none other than the chief instigator and perpetrator of my addiction (to drugs) driven criminal activities. Therefore, I seek, against all odds, to stop this cycle that incarceration and the punishment paradigm imposes upon me.

Before you dismiss this as mere flowery rhetoric, please consider examining the fully documented facts of my criminal and mental health history that so clearly reflect the dismal failure of incarceration’s claim to secure and protect public safety. To continue to do what so beyond obviously does not work is terribly absurd and cannot possibly indicate an honest, sincere, and intelligent effort to solve the problem.

With Respect,


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