DAMU ASKARI X- Excerpts from KAGE Universal phone interview

Damu Askari X

Issue 60

Excerpts from a KAGE Universal phone interview

April 2020, KVSP

Now you have this coronavirus, you got prisoners in here scared to death. They have no clue what this thing's gonna do us. There are prisoners in here that don't have no family. We have to give ’em bread and food, the ones of us that have a little means, we have to share so they don't have to eat that stuff [potentially contaminated prison food].

Never having no family, never having money, you've been in her 20, 30 years and you sitting up here worrying about catching a disease that you know will kill you due to your age -- Any kind of virus get inside your system is a detriment to you when they don't have adequate medical treatment.

In regards to people who suffer in silence, that ain’t gonna end until the people of the world, the people of this nation, start speaking out and stopping it, the bleeding. People bleeding every day.

There’s a great need for us to come together and show our concern.I think we should all be upset. We should not only know how fortunate we are but we should be out there in Sacramento protesting loud and upfront, because we know that what we see out here is ten or more times worse in there. We can walk outside. We can walk away from it. We can put a mask on, and choose if we want to be in a different environment. But they don’t have a choice. They have to stay in there and breath what’s in the air that’s coming through those ventilation systems. …. We were already up against it in there. In Old Folsom there were so many people on the tier, if there was one person that was sick up in those sweat boxes, it was almost inevitable - only a matter of time before it would go all down the tier.

We always known that CDCR’s retaliatory. We always known it's going to be reprisals for any voice you put out there to the public. As it relates to fighting for your justice and your rights, your human basic rights.


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