Kello G

Issue 60

"Theyre still actin' like Hoover. History must stop repeating itself."

King Keelon AKA Keelo


Humanic Greetings from the depths of one of human's most diabolical inventions- Prison. My name is Keelon Jenkins. Many know me by Kilo, but my most prideful name is Kujichagulia. I was given this name by my ancestral teachers 24 years ago. Kujichagulia means Self Determination in Swahili. It was told to me that the name was chosen through meticulous observation. My teachers gave me this name because they said they noticed a quality within me. They noticed that whatever task I put my mind to and/ or apply myself towards, I would stop at nothing to achieve it! Hence, I am DETERMINED to be free...

Please take the liberty to view my case People v. Keelon Jenkins. Hopefully you see the necessity in joining me and my family and Loved One's in the Free Keelo G Movement. Let's join in the fight to end disproportionate sentences such as Life Without the Possibility of Parole and allow everyone the right to their own pursuit to happiness. Every human has a resilient quality of redemption. LWOP dissolves this by not allowing a citizen the Equal Protection Right to some meaningful opportunity to obtain parole... Policies, both overt and covert (ie: The Three Strikes Law or the importation of crack into already-oppressed African American communities) were drafted to subjugate potential security threats to the National Institution of White Supremacy. We are the authors of contemporary history. We can end this malfeasance through direct action! Demand an end to Life Without Parole (LWOP) and other draconian sentencing laws. Demand to your state and federal representatives, proportionate sentences, and end these systematic underservice and oppression of our innercities!!! End the pragmatic system of Life Without The Possibility of Parole, and the malpractices of misrepresentation of indigent defendants who are assigned pseudo-attorneys to enhance mass incarceration The call for Kujichagulia (Self Determination) is being yelled from the voiceless! Free us who have spent decades in jail, not for the culpability of the crimes, but for the disproportionate legislation that makes it legal! King Keelon aka Keelo G. Hopefully in the free fight to end parole and human has Humanic Love. Together we will make history...





A recent California Supreme Court decision In re Jones (2019) 311_, Cal.5th, _, Court Pollak, in concurring, expressed "Thus, section 3051 is designed to permit the re-evaluation of the fitness to return to society of persons who committed serious offenses prior to reaching full cognitive and emotional maturity. Yet, subdivision (h) denies this reevaluation to those between 18 and 25 years of age when they committed their offense but were sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Whether a statutory classification denies equal protection to persons excluded from the classification but who are similarly situated to those receiving the benefits of the statute turns on whether there is a rational basis for the exclusion. Those who are similarly situated to the beneficiaries of the statute is determined not by whether they "are similarly suites for all purposes, but whether they are similarly situated for purposes of the law challenged.' (quoting People v. Brown (2012)54 Cal.4th 314, 328) As explained above, the purpose of section 3051 is not to measure the extent of punishment warranted by the offense the individual committed but to permit the evaluation of whether, after years of growth in prison, that person has attained the maturity to lead a law-abiding life outside of prison. Both a person sentenced to LWOP for a crime committed when 18 or slightly older committed their offenses before their character was necessarily "well formed" and when their judgement and decision-making were likely to improve. Both are similarly situated for the purpose of evaluating whether they have outgrown the youthful impulses that led to the commission of their offenses. The presumptive fact that the LWOP sentence was based on a more serious offense provides NO RATIONAL BASIS FOR THE DISTINCTION because the statute is not designed to determine the degree of appropriate punishment but to determine whether the individual has outgrown his or her criminality. There is reason to conclusively presume that one such person is more likely to have satisfactorily mature than the other. The Legislature having recognized that the maturing process normally continues to at least 25 years of age, there is little if any reason TO DENY THESE INDIVIDUALS THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW THAT THEY HAVE ATTAINED THE LEVEL OF MATURITY THAT WARRANTS THEIR RETURN TO SOCIETY." (In re Jones, infra) Petitioner submits that the confluency of MILLER, MONTGOMERY and SB 394, i.e. P.C. $3051(h) is in fact "similarly situated" and therefore petitioner must be given a youth offenders parole hearing on his 25th year of incarceration in protection of 14th amendment Equal Protection Right to equal protection of the law. PRAYER FOR RELIEF PETITIONER, hereby prays for relief by issuance of writ of habeas corpus. Wherefore, petitioner prays for the court to 1) Tasue a writ of habeas corpus 2) Declare the constitutionality to the parties, 3) Mandate the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to give petitioner a Youth offender Parole Hearing immediately being he is in his 25th year of incarceration; 4) Grant any further relief the Court deems necessary. 

"If they don't DROP LWOP you know he stuck! Free Keelo G. You Owe Me One"

Min. King X aka Pyeface, Gangsta Revolution

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