LETTER: Tearing at the Bonds


Attempt to tear at the bonds that bind our relationships with our loved-ones and friends Greetings and salutations extended to one and all… I’m touching base with you in order that I may shed some light on what CDCR and the administration here at Corcoran SHU have recently implemented….

Beginning on Feb, 9, 2018 prisoners in SHU/ASU are only allowed non-contact visits on Fridays and Saturdays. The administration has arbitrarily chose to deprive us of our Sunday visits…

CDCRs justification for terminating SHU/ASU Sunday, and Holiday visits is due to lack of visiting space. Of course, this is a lie. The truth is that both SHU facilities 4A and 4B, both have their own visiting rooms. However, for decades Corcoran has chosen to use only 4B visiting room for both facilities in order that they can use 4A visiting for the PHU… (It’s the same lame excuse that PBSP/SHU officials used for decades when they chose to use D facility visiting room for the Law library and used C facility for all prisoners in SHU)…

Per CCR; T-15 3172.2(a) Regular visiting days shall be consecutive and include Saturday and Sunday… Further (b) (1) states regular visiting days are either 4 days (thurs-sun) 3 days (Fri-Sun), or 2 days (Sat-Sun) and Holidays. Thus, this new visiting schedule violates our state created due process rights as it relates to visits…

This new arbitrary policy of only allowing SHU/ASU prisoners to schedule Fri-Sat, visit is contrary to CDCRs Stated “goals,” and CCR.T-15 3170(a). Their recognition of value of i/m visiting for maintaining family community connections, etc, etc….this policy and practice also places a significant hardship upon our friends and loved ones, as many if not all have regular jobs and work on Fridays and will not be able to visit on Fridays. Thus, this new policy only ensures that prisoners in SHU/ASU will in fact receive less visits.

It’s not surprising to those of us men who are placed back in SHU by CDCR on trumped up charges, after spending decade(s) in the SHU at PBSP that, CDCR, due to their spiteful contempt for the men they couldn’t break would retaliate against us and even attempt to tear at the bonds that bind our relationships with our loved-ones and friends.

No, our struggle is not over. What wonderful joy it is to fight against this injustice with men of Honor. I ask those of you who are able and willing to join us in our struggle to maintain and strengthen our bonds with our friends and loved-ones. In strength and solidarity, Anonymous

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