The Brown Movement Coalition - Joint Statement of Illumination

Rodolfo A. Lopez

BMC representatives
Brown President Mr. Rodolfo A. Lopez V24087, C2#128
Brown Speaker Mr. Luciano Rivera G30306 C5#203
Brown Secretary Mr. Geronimo Polina AR2513 C3#248
Brown Chief Organizer Mr. Luis Martinez F91559

As always, we send you all strength and solidarity as we speak with the united voice of the voiceless, the chilling screams of the unconquerable and the unbreakable echos of oppression, as we continue to rise throughout it all with no equivocation for our noble convictions.

Coming to the end of a turbulent 2017, we would like to first always thank you for your unshakable resolve and resilience as we continue to lead the vanguard for change against all odds and many instruments of oppression. We’ve continued to take steps to combat many years of institutionalized racism, discrimination, abuses of power, and oppression. However, we must remain vigilant in our justified fight to combat these abuses, as nothing coming by easy means is ever even worth obtaining in a world where we dedicate our lives to a cause much greater than ourselves.

Nothing is ever given freely.

The arbiters of oppression seek to extirpate our many accomplishments, from prop 57, AB 260, an eye on revalidation etc, by blatantly violating California bills, passing more obfuscated draconian policies, continuing duplicit practices in a culture of corruption and imposing more harassment and barriers for us all to fall victim to. As the end of the Ashker agreement observation period comes to an end, we need to continue to challenge these draconian actions abuses and policies. Looking forward into 2018, we will meet the plastic faces of oppression with the strength, unity, resilience and resolve of the oppressed.

The Brown Movement Coalition hopes our words and reflections bring forth some form of truth in a watered down world full of lies and deceit. As always we stand for all the colors and shades of the oppressed, our brown sisters and brothers, our united women’s struggle for equality and life free of abuse, discrimination and harassment. We stand for the humane treatment or migrants (immigrant) families, education (long live Malala), the eradication of poverty and world wide hunger and unequivocal prosperity and equality for all the minority lower class (MLC) communities. As we continue to illuminate all shades of brownness our movement represents, we stand tall for all of our disenfranchised people suffering under the many heels of oppression.

May 2018 bring better stronger, more well versed and illuminated women and men standing tall, rising on both sides of these walls and chains, that can never contain nor define us. We now see the sunrise at the edge of the struggle as we continue our united rise. This year the Brown Movement Coalition will seek to focus on working with Scott Budnick and the Anti - recidivism Coalition (ARC) and many other strong, resilient advocates to push for instrumental bills, policies and laws without loopholes or room for manipulation, extending the Ashker agreement observation/overview period, pushing policies to give all prisoners the opportunity to get a release date (ending LWOP) and improved meaningful programing with a true focus on rehabilitation. We will dedicate our efforts to one of the most essential aspects of rehabilitation: family connection and reunification. We know the well documented value of connections with family and friends as a major catalyst for change and rehabilitation. We seek to focus our efforts on passing a bill to provide video messaging/communication in addition to ongoing in person contact visits and reasonably priced phone calls. Please contact us directly if you are interested in working with us on this.

We in the Brown Movement Coalition challenge you all to grab hold of your own destiny, define your own reality and assure that your beliefs and struggles are more than just fashion statements to inflate your own careers and egos in the form of a hashtag. To those that claim to be standing for something (#brownlivesrising), we challenge you to take a stand, be proactive in challenging mass discrimination, seek that which allows you to grow and rise.

It is said throughout our religion, as a follower of Ometetl ( the Lord of Duality) and the path of the Tolteca’s ( great artisans) that only by looking deep within oneself will we see and reveal our true essence and self in a poetic reflection/in - xochi, in cuique/flower song ( poem) which is our only truth on earth - and once reflected in it’s true essence it will live forever and become immortalized beauty. We challenge you all to look deep within yourselves to reveal your true essence in this poetic illumination #in-xochi-in -cuiquechallenge (#poeticjusticechallenge) on the civil and human right cause you stand for. Should three days pass without a true reflection, we challenge you to donate organizations you wish to support while challenging 3 more of your friends or family to do the same.

I know we all shine and illuminate through the times, as always I challenge myself first.
You have my best, as we rise together though the challenges that lie ahead - see you in 2018.
Happy (Belated) Holidays from the BMC.
In strength and solidarity Mr. Rodolfo A. Lopez
Box 5006
Calipatria CA 92233
#in-xochi-in -cuiquechallenge

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