Amending the 13th Amendment

Maurice Webb

Prison Focus Issue 53
Fall 2017

The state of Virginia is, as we all know, the birth place of slavery in the "United States of Amerika" and from the very beginning of it, it was only "black slaves" suffering the hard labor and inhumane treatment with the punishment of death and beatings for all who refused to work or stand up against the unfair treatment! Now we are in a "new age" of time when there is a new form of slavery and it's EVERYONE not just the Blacks!
With the Constitution and the 13th amendment everyone can become a "slave" in the United States of Amerika. The government has turned on everyone of ALL colors to make money. The Prison System is a way to keep their economy functioning and the money coming.

The state of Virginia and its justice system are the "gateway" of enforcing the 13th amendment and its courts are the starting place of it all. With its judges, D.A.'s, attorneys who have vowed to convict anyone who comes into their courts! As we also know there are people that’s been found guilty of crimes and put into prisons and later found to be innocent of all charges. Since slavery ended, this country has been desperate to find ways of dealing with its economy. Its prison system has made it possible to keep functioning! There are "millions of slaves in the United States of Amerika prisons and other forms of institutions run by the government. The Virginia State prison system has all kinds of businesses in its prisons. They have woodshops that make furniture and sheet metal shops that make license plates. They also grow food to sell on the market as goods. As well as inmate labor to the local areas, around the prisons and jails, as labor for work.

All of these labor jobs are very low paying. The pay rates start at .20 cents up to .88 cents and if that's not slavery then I don't know what to call it! These are the "big jobs" that the state makes its money off of. The other jobs behind the gates of all Virginia prisons are the ones that keep the prisons running from day to day. Inmates are saving state prisons tens of thousands of dollars every year with cheap labor. Inmates work 10 to 12 hours every day for pennies by the hour and it's all for the 13th amendment and the State of Virginia's economy and that's very sad!! Prisons are no longer about "rehabilitation" it's all about the economy, no matter what state you are living in, in this country called the land of the "free"!!

I really would like to start a branch of "PRISON FOCUS" in the State of Virginia. We could really use this kind of focus of the State's Prison system to show what’s happening behind the prison gates in Virginia!

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