Paradigm Shift

Wilbert Jefferson

From Prison Focus Issue 47
Fall 2015

Let’s paint the picture of tragedy, my social decline impulsive thoughts go unchallenged, truly, it’s all in my mind

The perception that’s given, are airbrushed in the wind so with these lyrics it’s quoted, noted, and unspoken soon

My upbringing was Calais, malice, I lacked self-respect overly defensive and bitter, the ripple of this affect

Forever scared by decisions made, in the prime of my youth arrested for murder, at 16, my confinement is proof

I disenfranchised the future, do you railed desires and dreams my household was broken, dysfunctional as a teen

I’m steady fighting a battle, pride will soon pay the cost my beliefs that are routed, triggered, that now set me off

I occupied this space, place, to protest that latter do police fear black people, I wonder, all lives matter

With a swing goes the splatter, better, a river of tears the stereotype that’s projected, can now account for my peers

Now for the sake of reality, I must change or get drugged I say a prayer to the father, please God, awaken my thugs.