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1. Tell the DOJ: Investigate and Enforce CDC Guidelines on COVID-19 in Prisons

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2. #StopCCWFOutbreak

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3. Petition for Parole of Paul Moreno

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Donald "C Note" Hooker's Artivist Message:

#BringThemHome for the Holidays - toolkit


Join CPF/KAGE Universal's Agreement 2 Come Home project and collective

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The Agreement 2 Come Home includes 5 Core demands based on the Prisoner Human Rights Movement Blueprint, and developed in collaboration with it's founders behind the walls. The following demands rely on the development of a Strategic Community Release Board, which needs to be at the forefront of all parole-related public safety decisions. 

We Demand:

#1. Any prisoner 60 or more years of age be considered for expedited release, immediately, by the SCRB in the interest of justice.

#2.  Any prisoner that has suffered an ailment that could lead to their death be considered for expedited release, immediately, by the SCRB in the interest of justice.  

#3. Any prisoner who has been incarcerated 25 to 30 years be considered for expedited release, immediately, by the SCRB in the interest of justice.

#4. Any prisoner subjected to indefinite punishment based on rule violation reports, which are treated as felonies by the Board of Parole Hearings - who have suffered the consequences of this double jeopardy - be considered for expedited release, immediately, by the SCRB in the interest of justice.

#5.  An end to civil death by indeterminate sentencing (Life sentences, with or without the possibility of parole). Indefinite sentencing is a punishment that never ends, and leads to a civil death. This is a blatant violation of the U.S. Constitution, falling under cruel and unusual punishment. We demand that individuals with life sentences that meet any of the above four demands - especially those who have a solid parole plan, including a support system, adequate housing, and/or a job - be considered for expedited release, immediately, by the SCRB, in the interest of justice. 


Supplimental Demands:

Provide free tablets within all CDCR institutions and facilitate email communication through Corrlinks services to support prisoners in the establishment and maintenance of family ties and bonds. This is needed to mitigate the closing of all visitations at CDCR institutions which adversely impacts family communication and bonds.

Create transparency regarding the application of AB 1448, Prop 57 and other California resentencing laws so that they may be applied as intended.

The right for the signers of The AEH, the members of the Ashker Class Action and all 2011 and 2013 hunger strikers to be safe from retaliation as a result of these demands, including further torture, isolation, or, as laid out in the Prisoner Human Rights Movement Blueprint, from being coerced, threatened and blackmailed to betray fellow prisoners with false accusations.


Reduce jail admissions by reclassifying misdemeanor offenses that do not threaten public safety into non-jailable offenses and diverting as many people as possible to community- based mental health and substance abuse treatment. 

Eliminate parole and probation revocations for technical violations for behaviors that would not warrant incarceration for people who are not on parole or probation.

Shut down immigration detention centers.

End police brutality, inside prisons and out.


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