We stand up strong against the cruel and torturous conditions of the California prison system, and advocate for the immediate stop to all solitary confinement. We are an all-volunteer organization and operate entirely on individual donations and small grants. We'd like to give special thanks to the Resist Foundation for their generous grants in support of our work. Read more about Resist's great work here: www.resist.org. California Prison Focus has several major areas of direct action. Volunteers will find it easy to plug into these areas by contacting the lead person for each area or coming to our meetings.

Quarterly Newspaper: Prison Focus, is distributed free to SHU prisoners, $8 a year to other prisoners, and $20 a year to those formerly incarcerated, their family members, activists, and friends of CPF. Our paper is primarily written by and for incarcerated individuals, their friends and families. Please visit our archive to download entire past issues for free or search for articles here. A donation of $20 or more ($8 for incarcerated individuals and free to those with SHU addresses) provides a year-long subscription.

Prison Visits: We travel regularly to Pelican Bay and Corcoran state prisons to uncover and disseminate information on the current conditions prisoners must endure. We have been interviewing prisoners in California’s SHU facilities since 1991. CPF has conducted over 50 visits logging more than 1,000 interviews primarily at Pelican Bay State Prison and Corcoran State Prison. We publish our findings in our newspaper, Prison Focus, and other publications.

Prisoner Correspondence: We receive dozens of letters from prisoners each week. We always need help to sort through these letters, document them, and respond to prisoners' requests and needs.

KPOO Radio: Our radio show provides the most up-to-date information about prison conditions and prison reform. It airs every Thursday morning in the Bay Area on 89.5 FM from 11:00 am to noon. Volunteers can help develop the theme or topic for a specific show and help broadcast it live.

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